If the local trains are Mumbai’s lifeline, this army of fantastic people ferrying food from one end of the city to another deserve the same status. Come rain or shine, these men soldier on and make sure Mumbai eats on time..

It is estimated that the dabbawalas carry close to 130,000 dabbas every day – a figure that can make anyone uneasy.

The true genius of the dabbawala system lies not in the quantity of tiffins delivered but the quality in which they are – the method in which the deliveries are organized and co-ordinated. For the last 126 years, the dabbawalas of Mumbai have perfected a delivery system that has been the subject of many academic studies.

How has an army of semi-literate dabbawalas managed to execute a delivery system that officially adheres to Six Sigma standards, which means 1 error in 16 million cases. Truly astonishing!

As a token of Appreciation Rotary club of Mumbai Elegant gave them 2500 masks & raised funds for their cycles !