The month of December started on a vibrant note, with a morning full of exercise and vigour! On Wednesday the 4th of December, the Ladies of RCME headed to Gold’s Gym, Bandra, for a fun and informative talk and training session!

The event started by 11 am and the entire gym was reserved exclusively for RCME members only. All the fitness freak members were completely enthusiastic about this fun and fitness event. We were divided into teams and we had a group competition and amongst the group members 2 best members were awarded gold medals. The different styles workouts included yoga, aerobics , weight training, spinning and dancing amongst a few others as well. The trainers were fantastic and made sure that we are all comfortably training , pushing us where required and pepping us up to
take us to the next level !

It was fabulous event and was possible only due to our member and our Co Editor Rina Valecha who is also the owner of Gold’s Gym and graciously arranged to host this event.
We participated in a Gold Olympics- with the best trainers and equipment..!
This was followed by a healthy lunch and at “Restaurant 145” Bandra.