On 18th November, The RCME Ladies had an absolutely heartwarming experience by reaching out to mothers at The Cooper Hospital!! We handed over 200 kangaroo bags which will help in caring and stabilising low-weight or premature babies outside an incubator!

As the name suggests, it involves strapping your baby to your chest, with skin-to-skin contact between the baby and parent helping to maintain a healthy body temperature.

Parents who use this method often say they find it a very satisfying way to nurture and bond with their baby. Many also report that their babies seem to love this method of care, perhaps because it reminds them of life inside the
womb. It also has health benefits. Kangaroo care compared to traditional care has been found to reduce the instances of infection, hypothermia, severe illness, lower respiratory tract disease and reduce the length of hospital stay. Kangaroo care helped parents bond with their babies and helped the babies have improved interactions with parents.